A Quarter in the Psalms- Psalm 19

Psalm 19 is a sustained meditation on God’s glory and wisdom in his creation, and in his Law.

Main Point: Psalm 19 starts off with what we all feel when we find ourselves in remote mountain passes, or an isolated spot on the map on a dark, moonless night. God’s glory is proclaimed loudly in his creation. It is in creation, as Paul says in Romans 1:19-20, that God’s attributes can be seen. We see His awesome power, and attention to detail. We see the way that he heaps blessings upon mankind. We see his order and wisdom. And so much more that I could go on for days naming things that we can learn from his creation. The creation oozes with the fingerprints of God.

David now turns from what can be learned of God in his creation, to what can be learned of God from His Word. The overall message “He is true, and rewards those who follow him.”

It is clear that David loves the Law, and the instruction of the Lord. It reminds me that you can’t help but praise and talk about that which you love. But, David doesn’t just stop and talk about how wonderful it is on its own. He brings home the practical implications of following the Law. It makes wise the simple (v7), bringing joy to the heart (v8), in keeping them is “great reward” (v11).

David finishes with requesting that God keep him from “presumptuous sins,” and that his meditation be acceptable to Him.

Interesting Points: Again it is hard to pick just a few items to go over in more detail, but Let’s look at presumptuous sins of verse 13. These sins flow out of a mindset that believes that it need not follow God’s law. It is a mindset that presumes that it knows better than God. A perfect example would be Adam and Eve’s sin.

Emotional reaction: The first 6 verses humble me, and make me remember the greatness of God. Verses 7-11 bring Joy, and peace as I remember the trustworthiness of the Lord.


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