A Quarter in the Psalms- Psalm 20

Psalm 20’s nine verses serve as a blessing upon Israel’s King.

Main Point: David is asking for God to bless his people by answering the prayers of its King, sending help to him in his time of need, and making his plans succeed. David also reminds us that the Lord is faithful and true to his King and that he will always save him. David tell us that while other nations may have large armies and advanced weapons it is those who trust in the Lord that will be safe and secure. The Psalm also reminds us that when our King is victorious we shall celebrate with him.

Interesting Points: In David’s day his readers would be thinking of the King of the nation Israel, in our day we should think about Jesus (Yes, I know that he too is the King of the nation of Israel). In his victory over death, sin, and Satan we can greatly rejoice. While we have confidence that the Father will answer every one of his prayers, we can still pray this along side David. We should pray that the Father would continue to pour out his Love on Jesus, and make him successful. As our King is successful, so shall we be successful. We should pray blessings upon him.

It also makes me think of how in Jesus’ own day many wanted him to raise an army to take on the Romans and restore the nation of Israel to its former glory. He knew better than to trust in the the things of this world. He trusted in his Father alone, and could have no firmer a foundation. Jesus is the fulfillment of this Psalm in every way possible. He is the good King we all desire.

Emotional reaction: When I think of Jesus victory as our king, my heart fills with Joy. Because my King can not be thwarted I know that his protection and plans for me shall never fail.


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