The Danger of an Unforgiving Heart

If you do not forgive and yet you say that you have become a follower of Christ, then you deceive yourself. Your heart has not been transformed by grace. Jesus is warning you in the parable that you have not believed the gospel.

The Apocalyptic Messenger

This is the reason the Evangelist has record these events for us. He invites you to hear a man who has been sent from God to reveal to you the messiah. His testimony is that the long awaited Messiah is Jesus.

John 1:1-18 Part 2:Nature of Man and Salvation

The gospel tells us that we are made at the hands of Jesus, and that He can and will recreate us to make us new. It tells us the He has a purpose for our lives that will bring us unspeakable joy and peace. It tells us that our purpose is to love Jesus by following his command of laying down our lives for each other, and it fully asserts