A Quarter in the Psalms- Psalm 18

Psalm 18 is a psalm that is a logical progression from the Psalm that comes before it. Psalm 17 petitions the Lord to rescue the believer, and Psalm 18 Praises God for his rescue and intervention.

Main Point: Psalm 18 is one of my favorites because of its triumphal tone, and the great excitement with witch David writes. To me it feels as if David wrote this immediately following his deliverance. That moment when the adrenaline surges and the heart overflows with praise for the way the Lord has delivered us.

The main point of the psalm is simply to praise the Lord, and to tell others of the way that the Lord has delivered him from Saul. David again makes rich use of imagery, and metaphors. Verses 7-15 are a great reminder of the Power of God, and are some of my favorites. It reminds us that Lord doesn’t just sit a far in heaven, but that he interacts powerfully in his creation. He clothes himself in the Thunder Storms.

David in verses 31-42 moves out of the abstract and into the battle. What many of us would think of as just as ordinary events, David credits the Lord for every step that he makes, and his strength. Even in his great victory David realizes it is because of the Lord, and not himself.

The centrality of God in David’s deliverance and victory is apparent in this psalm. Just a glance at the psalm you will see over and over again “You” and “He” in reference to God.

Interesting Points: The whole psalm is interesting…couldn’t just pick a few points. But overall I love how in verses 7-15 what appear to be just everyday natural events are shown to be what they really are. The Lord entering his creation. The Lord is behind everything that happens in this world.

Emotional reaction: Verses 16-19 are the dearest to me. They remind me that when I am in times of trouble, that the Lord will rescue me. But the reason why he rescues David is the thing that draws me to these verses more than anything else. “He rescued me, because he delighted in me.” If that doesn’t bring on the warm fuzzies I don’t know what will. That just brings a rush of peace, and Joy.


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