A Quarter in the Psalms- Psalm 9

In quite a few of the preceding Psalms David has asked God to deal with his enemies. Psalm 9 is a psalm that primarily praises God for the way he has delivered David from his enemies.

Main Point: In Psalm 9 we find God has delivered David from his enemies. David’s response to that is praise, and he encourages all others to do the same. Again, David is drawn to the way that God is a righteous Judge, but this time he is praising him for it rather than using it as an to win his case before God. In Psalm 5 David asked for God to protect the godly so that they may exult in the Lord, and exulting in God’s protection is exactly what Psalm 9 is about. In addition David is drawn to the themes of God caring for the oppressed, and the afflicted.

Interesting Points: David pays a lot of attention to the idea of God being enthroned. David very much sees God as the king of the world.

David reminds us all that God cares for the oppressed and afflicted. He will ultimately be on their side, and will destroy those who take advantage of them.

Emotion Reactions: I very much get caught up in excitement of David’s deliverance. The prospect of God defeating all of the circumstances in front of you brings excitement and joy. Also comfort and peace knowing that the Lord takes care of the lowly.


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