A Quarter in the Psalms- Psalm 8

David ended Psalm 7 saying that he will sing praise to the Name of the Lord, and Psalm 8 delivers on that promise.

Main Point: Many of us in our “younger” days can remember our fascination with high school crushes. How even the mention of their name could excite us, and start us to thinking about how wonderful they are. David, has the same excitement at the mention of the name of Yahweh. Above all of the things that it brings up in David is the special place that God has blessed mankind with in creation. When he looks at all of creation his wonder is set on highly God set man in regards to the rest of creation. How he cares for him.

Interesting Points: God has decided that it is out of those who are weakest (infants) that he will establish his strength and silence his foes (interesting connection to the previous psalms that were so much about what other were saying and slander David).

When we look at this with a connection to the creation story of Genesis 1, we see that God has ordained the sun and the moon to “Rule” the day and night respectively. Likewise he has also set us up as rulers. We are to rule over all of creation. That doesn’t mean exploit it. We are to be good benevolent rulers, who care for cultivate their kingdom.

The way he goes through several different categories isn’t an enumeration of the things that we are rulers of, it is the poetic way of saying everything. The three major spheres of creation are cited: Land, Sea, and Air. It is clear we are to rule over all of creation. This is part of what sends David to sing God’s praise.

It also is a good reminder of the dignity with which we as humans have been created. This didn’t end after the fall. We are still created in his image, and as David reminds we have been crowned with Glory, and Honor. Not by Man, but by God.

Emotional reaction: Honestly some guilt because I rarely get this excited about the name of the Lord, that I would burst out in song. After that, I feel loved and special that God would care so much for me, and would bless me in such a way. It brings comfort and confidence.

PS: I think I need to expand my emotional vocab.


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