Psalm 2

Psalm 2 reminds us of the bent of all mankind, to seek to throw off the authority of God. It also reminds an important truth about God. That no matter our rebellion, God stays in control, and will exert his authority.

Main Point: God will bring his rule to earth as it is in Heaven. God has chosen his King to rule this earth, and his will can’t be thwarted. Though mankind rebels, God is confidently ruling the universe, and ready to make peace and bless all those who come to him and submit. In the end we are faced with a just God, who will bless those who follow him, and crush those who refuse to submit.

Interesting Points: Some believe that this Psalm was used in Coronation ceremonies, and that whoever the Israelite King was, he was deemed to be the son of God. No deification was implied, however.

Some might argue about whether the word Son in this psalm should be capitalized, indicating that the psalm was about Christ. However, the important part to note here is that God made clear that it was an Israelite King through whom his kingdom would come. At the time of the writing of the Psalm it very well could have been David or Solomon. The Kings of that day were needed to submit to God’s Chosen. The same is true today. The New Testament has made clear that Christ is the Israelite King, and that our allegiance must be with Him.

God’s wrath, and the destruction play a large part in the Psalm. Not so much as a scare tactic, but stated as fact, as something that we can take confidence in.

God laughs at his enemies!

Emotional Reactions: First it brought a reminder of my own rebellion, and so with that comes some conviction and repentance. Though by the grace of God I know better than the pagan kings of the psalmist day I still seek to throw off the cords of my God.

Second, the trust, confidence, peace that comes from knowing that our God can not be thwarted. He will establish his perfect rule, and that the wicked will not win. One day he will crush all those who oppose him, and bring in Paradise.


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