Psalm 1

In many Ancient Near Eastern Temples statues of Angelic beings were posted at the entrance to warn the wicked, and offer protection for the Righteous. So Psalm 1, serves a similar purpose. It warns the wicked of their doom, and gives promise to those who delight in the counsel of the Lord.

The Main Point– Those who delight in the Lord’s Law will stand firm in life, and will prosper. They know that they have have the protection of the Lord, and that he watches over the way. When the Dry season, and heat of life comes they will still flourish.

Interesting Notes: The Psalmist really uses great conflicting imagery of the Righteous and the wicked. The righteous is like a firmly planted tree, while the wick will be blown away like chaff(a byproduct of harvesting and refining wheat.) One firm the other almost weightless.

The chief thing that separates the righteous from the wicked is his “delight in the law” and he does not leave it for other counsel. Interesting thought since most of us in protestantdom don’t know what the law says, and we certainly don’t delight in it if we do.

The progression of the wicked from student to teacher seen in the progression from walking in the counsel to sitting in the seat of scoffers. To be seated in this culture speaks of a position of authority, and often times in the synagogues once the scripture was read the teacher would sit. It all speaks of a progression from dabbling in evil to teaching other how to do it.

Emotional Reactions: For me, it is reassurance and confidence that comes from God’s blessing. Confidence that His hand is in all my endeavors. Peace knowing that He watches over all my ways.


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