Modern Insanity

When you deny the obvious it is not a sign of intelligence but rather insanity. We live in a day and culture that seeks to deny the obvious on a regular basis. Rather than seeing it as insanity our culture believes that it has brought us to an enlightened sphere of existence. This insanity cannot long persist without major consequences for us and our children.

Now, We could go in one-hundred different directions from basic economics to sexual promiscuity to demonstrate how we believe things as a culture that are contrary to common sense. They are, however, all just symptoms of the real issue. What is really going on is that we would like to be autonomous and self sufficient. To believe this we must deny God’s existence, His nearness, and His authority. All nonsensical belief starts here.

We shouldn’t be surprised that our culture is doing this though. As crazy as it all seems it shouldn’t shock us. This is after all part of our sinful nature as fallen humans. This is why we fell in the garden, and certainly is almost exactly what Paul writes about in Romans 1:18-32. This is who we are as humans, and our hearts betray us all the time.

I know we weren’t always like this as a nation, and it saddens me that the stones of remembrance we erected years ago to protect us from ourselves have eroded. The kingdom of God advances, however, even though we do not. Maybe this all just makes apparent to us, that the United States was never synonymous with the Kingdom of God.


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