A Quarter in the Psalms- Psalm 22

Psalm 22 is to long for me to quote, but you can go to it here.

Main Point: In contrast with psalm 21 which praises God for his salvation, Psalm 21 teaches us how to pray when circumstances are against us, and we feel that evil will win. It reminds us that God is still Holy even though it can seem like he has forsaken us. He still hear the cries of the afflicted and will take care of them. The psalmist, continually reminds himself of the Lord’s goodness and how He delivered in the past. He takes this knowledge of God’s provision in the past, and allows it to propel his faith about how the Lord will take care the present, and future.

Interesting Points: This psalm is filled with very intense emotions, and language. It starts with the opening verses that are immediately familiar to anyone who has read the gospels. “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” The Gospel writers also use this psalm quite a bit to show Christ life as fulfillment of prophecy. See Matthew 27.

Emotional reaction: I can feel the desperation that David had, as well as the confidence that he expresses in the Psalm. I find great joy in the promises of the Lord to take care of the afflicted. However, the parts that create that warm fuzzy feeling for me are verses 9 & 10.

“Yet you are he who took me from the womb;
you made me trust you at my mother’s breasts.
On you I was cast from my birth,
and from my mother’s womb you have been my God.

1) This brings great comfort knowing that my life of faith is ultimately because God was working all things for my salvation even before I took my first breath. 2) as a father of a Son, this is my hope and prayer for him. I pray one day he can say these words. It also brings great hope knowing that it is in his hands and not mine.


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