A Quarter in the Psalms- Psalm 15

Psalm 15 summarizes he character of those who are followers of the Lord. Those who hope to live in the presence of the Lord should display these characteristics.

Main Point: This psalm is simple and straightforward. It is more of a teaching psalm than one of praise. It is a reminder of the holiness of the Lord, and what righteousness requires. Many psalms before have talked about the righteous, but have not talked about what the righteous do differently than the wicked. This psalm makes it clear the content of the lives we should lead. It sets a high bar for us, but it speaks to our souls calling out the best in us.

Interesting Points: The righteous do not lend out money at interest is a very interesting point. Our economy almost runs on interest, and many people would tell you it is foolishness to not lend your money out at interest. Just a thought to ponder.

He also swears to his own hurt, and does not change. Might be an interesting counter point to all those who are counseling people to walk away from their home mortgages even when they can still afford the payment, but could find cheaper housing elsewhere.

Emotional reaction: This psalm creates excitement in me. It makes me want to embody these traits. I know that I fall so short of it, but I want to be here in this spot. Its a real challenge, and inspiration for me. These are things I hope that people could say of me when I pass on.


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