A Quarter in the Psalms- Psalm 6

Psalm 6 is very different from many of the Psalms that have come before it. While with the others the focus has been God delivering the righteous from the wicked, Psalm 6 is asking God to refrain from entering judgement upon him. But just like Psalm 5, David presents a good reason for God not to enter into judgement against him.

Main Point: The Lord is merciful, and hears the prayers of those who have transgressed his law and ask for his forgiveness. He does not deal with us according to our sin, but according to his great love for us.

Interesting Points: David never comes out and says what he has done or what has happened, but we know that David sinned in some way that brought about the anger of God. According to Verse 2 it appears that what ever punishment he was receiving it was afflicting his body, by the way he mentions his bones.

David is distraught by his sin. He is weeping, and languishing. His soul is greatly troubled. He floods his bed with tears. I know very few people who take their sin this seriously. I dare say we might sin less if we did.

It is interesting, that like Psalm 5 David reminds God of a reason that he should do what he asks. David points to the fact that if he dies there will be one less person to praise him. For the sake of God’s own love he should save David so that he can praise him, and tell others about the love of the Lord. David basic appeal was, “if you let me live, I will bring you more glory than if you were to let me die.” David again is boldly making a case before God, even when he has screwed up.

Within the Psalm itself David receives assurance that God has heard his prayer, and warns his enemies that the Lord will deal with them.

Emotional Reactions: This psalm brings a lot of peace and reassurance that God forgives our sin, and that God is faithful to those who humble themselves before him even when they sin. It produces in me a lot of thankfulness that God does not deal with according to my sins, but rather according to his Love.


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