John’s Prologue : Part 1 The Nature of Jesus

If Jesus is not the eternal, divine creator of the world He can not recreate you into his likeness. If Jesus was not the true light, then we will all continue to stumble in the darkness. If Jesus was not greater than Moses then we all are condemned. If Jesus did not truly come in the flesh, as a man, then our sins are not forgiven. We must have this Jesus that John describes to us, or we are lost!


Jesus in the Gospel of John- An Introduction

The Gospel of John has long been my favorite of the four Gospels. Jesus has always been more attractive to me here, and he always felt more accessible to me here. Why? I don't know. Somet

The Last Jedi, Some thoughts (SPOILERS) UPDATED

If you have not seen the “The Last Jedi” and you don’t want to know anything about the movie please don’t read any further. Consider yourself warned. Rian Johnson’s “The Last Jedi” is a wonderful movie, and beautifully shot. I have seen it getting some criticism about its similarities Empire Strikes Back, I think they … Continue reading The Last Jedi, Some thoughts (SPOILERS) UPDATED